Newborn Photography Workshop ~ December 3rd ~ Kansas City, MO


This Natural Light Newborn Mentoring Workshop will help the amateur to professional photographer to move off “auto” and “semi-auto” modes of their DSLR so they can begin to master exposure and shooting in manual modes. We will cover important exposure concepts such as f-stop, iso, shutter speed, white balance and lighting of all newborn sessions.

I will teach you how to prep for each session, the posing process for newborns using the bean bag and props and how to get those little details perfect, newborn safety and how to achieve different natural light techniques. We will also go over RAW images, post processing and talk some social media.

Newborn Workshop will include:
-8 hours of hands on learning with models
- 8am-9am studio prep
- 9am-11am model #1
- 11am-1pm model #2
- 1pm-2pm break
- 2pm-4pm model#3
- 4pm-5pm post processing, social media, business strategy
-Complimentary lunch and snacks
-Dinner out on the town that evening!
-vendor grab bag

**You will be able to use all images you take in your portfolio!

You will need:

- basic knowledge of your camera and how to adjust settings in manual mode
- 35mm or 50mm lens (I shoot with a 50mm most of the time)

Cost, Fine Print and Restrictions:

Total Cost for Workshop (8 hour day) is $1000.00
-$400 non-refundable deposit after 5 days with the remainder ($600) due 3 weeks before your scheduled mentor date

Restrictions: Due to the nature of the class and the knowledge shared any that live/work within 125 mile radius of zip code 64106 cannot participate. A non-compete agreement, effective for 1 year after mentor date, will be required prior to our time together.

Participants are responsible for all accommodations and transportation. I will provide list of hotels that are close to the studio and if you are open to room with another I can provide contact information for that to be arranged.


  • Newborn Photography Workshop (deposit)